Dear Parent,

HARDQORE BRAND LA's is known for its exceptional Kids Program, which offers 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Muay Thai classes to children 5 – 12 years old. Our classes are both challenging and fun, and follow a progressive learning curriculum.

What are the benefits of the HARDQORE BRAND LA Kids Program?

Self Confidence

Empower your child with the confidence to move mountains!! The skill and lesson taught at HARDQORE BRAND LA will lead to a new level a self confidence in your child. This will lay the foundation for the rest of their lives.

Increased Athleticism

Unleash your child's athleticism with Martial Arts!! Through the instruction provided in HARDQORE BRAND LA's Youth Program you child will develop coordination, flexibility, strength. Our students show improved cardiovascular function, increased hand-eye coordination and greater general fitness.

A Winner's Attitude

Attitude is Everything!! Students who participate in HARDQORE BRAND LA's Kids Program develop a Positive Winning Attitude. Through team based learning and challenges our students develop the Attitude to overcome any obstacle.

Academic Excellence

Give your child the Academic Advantage!! HARDQORE BRAND LA Kids classes compliment the learning experience your child receives at school. Our instructors maintain communication with Parents regarding Students academic status and are expected to prioritize their education. Students participating in HARDQORE BRAND LA's Kids Program show improved academic performance.

Respect and Discipline

Martial Arts has been a tool for teaching Discipline and Respect for thousands of years. This is an important trait, that is emphasized in the HARDQORE BRAND Kids Program. From the very first class your Child will learn to respect themselves, their fellow students and their coaches.

Bully Prevention

It's time to put an end to bullying. Through the lessons taught in HARDQORE BRAND LA's Kids Program your child will develop greater self control and confidence, leading to greater conflict resolution skills.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Establish Healthy Habits now!! There's no better time than now to create a foundation of healthy habits. Set the cornerstone of your child's active lifestyle with HARDQORE BRAND LA's Kids Classes.

We look forward to sharing the benefits of our Kids Program with you and your family. We are so confident in our program we are offering a FREE Trial Membership. Kid's Classes are Monday through Thursday at 4pm and Saturdays at 10am. Please contact our staff for details.